44-Year-Old Woman Goes to Hospital to Have ‘Hernia’ Checked — Walks Out With 10-Pound Baby She Wasn’t Expecting

44-Year-Old Woman Goes to Hospital to Have ‘Hernia’ Checked — Walks Out With 10-Pound Baby She Wasn’t Expecting

Mike and Linda Ackley of Jackson, left, visit with people at the Jackson County Courthouse on Monday Feb. 11, 2013 to show their daughter, Kimberly Kay. Linda gave birth to the over 10 pound girl Friday night after finding out Friday morning she was pregnant. The couple had previously been told that they wouldn’t be able to conceive a child. (Photo: AP/The Jackson Citizen Patriot,J. Scott Park)

A Michigan woman went to the hospital last week thinking she had a hernia. A half a day later, she had delivered a healthy 10-pound baby girl.

MLive reported 44-year-old Linda Ackley not knowing she was pregnant until Friday morning when she was admitted into Allegiance Health in Jackson, Mich. She told MLive she thought she would never be able to have children after she was infected with necrotizing fasciitis and underwent abdominal surgery two years ago. During treatment for the bacterial infection — a type that received media attention last year after a 24-year-old Georgia student lost several of her limbs due to it — it was even thought Ackley might not even make it, MLive reported.

Reflecting on the previous nine months, Ackley said she wasn’t in pain and didn’t notice too much weight gain. Her menstrual periods were also previously irregular, so she hadn’t been too concerned on that front either.

The baby was discovered in a CT scan and doctors first they thought she would have a few weeks before delivering. That was until an ultrasound showed she was full-term and an emergency C-section was ordered.

Ackley’s husband, Mike, said he was happy, shocked and scared.

“Some people have nine months to prepare. I had [15] hours,” Mike, said to MLive on Monday, the day the mother and baby were released from the hospital.

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