“Mercy Johnson is not my type, I am not her friend”– Tonto Dikeh

“Mercy Johnson is not my type, I am not her friend”– Tonto Dikeh

Highly controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, who recently had a messy fight with star actress Mercy Johnson, has confirmed the rift.

Tonto Dike who claims Mercy Johnson is not just her type, said she had let go of everything that transpired between them.

In a recent interview, when questioned on why she chose not to attend Mercy Johnson’s wedding, here is what the
actress said: “That’s not the reason I didn’t attend her wedding. “It’s surprising, why people think you just have to be everybody’s friend.

“In the industry, I don’t know half of the producers and I work for them,I don’t even know half of my colleagues but I work with them.

“I kiss and hug them on set. We flow, we enjoy the friendship on set based on the energy and connection that exists between myself and the next person on set but that
does not mean we are friends in the real sense of it. You can’t just be a friend to everybody, it’s a normal thing.

Mercy Johnson is not just my friend.”
When asked about a serious fight she allegedly had with Mercy Johnson, here is what the actress said: “Even if I had, I had let go everything. It doesn’t really matter to me anymore.

Everybody is doing well, it’s just because we are not close. We only did about two or three movies together. We have never been close friends.”

Source: Naija Exclusive

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