Israel Under Fire — A Firsthand Account Of The Ongoing War

Israel Under Fire — A Firsthand Account Of The Ongoing War

Business and homes have directly been affected by the recent attack on Israel. Here’s a bit of perspective from Reuven Cohen, who works in the financial department of The Fellowship International:

Yesterday the home of a close friend of our family was completely destroyed, in Kibbutz Reim. Today this friend called my mother to let her know that she was looking for a place to stay for the night.

In light of the current events in Gaza and the south of Israel, my parents, who are residents of the city of Ashkelon, asked all of my brothers not to come home on Friday for the Shabbat meal because they are so afraid that something will happen and we will get hurt.

My father is a builder and lost working days because he can’t send his employees to work in open areas. Whenever the siren starts, they have to leave their current project and run for cover.

My grandmother is 75 year old. She stays in her living room all week long and doesn’t go up to sleep in her bedroom because she is afraid she might fall in the middle of the night if she needs to run to a shelter.

These are difficult times — and I wish for peace for us all!

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